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      Our Methodology

      Our Mission

      Helping your company to grow, leveraging our experience at Fortune 500 companies.  
      We assist companies and businesses develop and apply sound and proven business strategies to set them up with a strong foundation and opportunity to succeed.  

      Efficient and Fast!

      Our combined 70 years of broad work experience in multiple key departments with world-renowned automotive companies, has taught us key processes needed to be efficient and competitive in any market.
      These processes can be applied in virtually any industry. 


      Once we understand your business and goals, we can help put processes in place to ensure your business is running efficiently and effectively. This is where you reap the benefits of over 50 years on business experience from a multitude of key departments.


      We can apply those insights and best practices to impact your company. Our knowledge, creativity and insight are at your disposal.

      With our varied backgrounds, creativity, and curiosity, we like to learn about our client’s business and always have an eye on the future role of technology.

      We strive to understand our client needs and create a roadmap to success.


      We like to learn about different businesses and look at things from a different perspective.

      We were the kids in school looking for answers to questions that were not so obvious.

      That curiosity is now part of our DNA and we are excited to share this with you!

      Our Service Guarantee

      If you aren't happy with the design itself or if you aren't happy with the design process, you simply need to advise us of that fact during the development of your web design. We will work and revise till you are 100% satisfied. 


      RKS Off-Road

      Luxury Trailers

      "Nightshift did an amazing job rebranding my company and building our new beautiful website. Nightshift and the team listened to my thoughts and ideas and ran with it – they took exactly what I was dreaming of and brought it to fruition. Thank you, Nightshift, for being incredibly easy through every part of what could have been a very difficult process – branding and logos, website design, marketing materials and so much more!"

      Haze Automotive


      "Nightshift was the best business decision I ever made. This group is talented, professional, creative and so much more. My business has tripled in attention since Nightshift rebranded my company, designed our website, designed marketing materials and giveaways items, etc. Thank you, Nightshift and team for your amazing work!!"


      Health Care

      "Getting Nightshift on board has been a game-changer! I think we had a great product, but we weren't getting the right attention with investors. They helped us build a new website, a new pitch deck, and craft a very powerful narrative that resonates better. It's been a BIG difference. Our only regret was not working with them sooner"

      Contact Us Today

      We're ready to solve your problems, and add value immediately.
      We'll first set up a zoom call to better understand your needs. 

      Frequently Asked Question